10 June 2022 - A group of students from 4th year Civil Engineering Program has conducted a "3R Talk Show" program for the subject of Engineers for Society led by Lim Yee Siang. This program was conducted successfully as a result of cooperation from the Council of Residents of Tan Sri Aishah Ghani Housing Complex (MPKKTAG) UniMAP and it took place at the Women's Discussion Room, Tan Sri Aisyah Ghani Housing Complex (KPTAG).

This program aims to raise awareness to KPTAG students to practice hygiene culture and 3R practices no matter where they are. A total of 30 students registered and attended the program that night. This program is also held to produce a generation that cultivates recycling practices, especially among university students in addition to emphasizing environmental care in students' lives.
Overall, the program achieved its objectives and was very beneficial for all students who had attended the “3R Talk Show” that night as it to some extent provided exposure on the importance of recycling practices in life. Therefore, it is hoped that this program can be implemented every year so that students will always get information for a healthier life.