Fundamental Research Grant (FRGS) - 2021

Main Researcher

Project Title

Total Grants (RM)

Dr. Razi Ahmad

Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics during Co-gasification of Polyethylene andTorrefied Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) 


Dr. Nurfadzillah Binti Ishak

Critical Risk Identification Mechanism Integrated with Building Information (BIM) Strategies for Building Refurbishment Project Lifecycle Performance Improvement 


Dr. Sara Yasina Binti Yusuf

Mechanism of Atmospheric Microplastics Deposition in Urban Cities Airshed of Malaysia via Chemometric Analysis


Dr. Ayu Wazira Azhari

Mechanistic Study on the Role of Mixed Cation in Improving the Stability of Tin-Germanium Based Perovskite for Solar Cells.



RM 525,753

Fundamental Research Grant (FRGS) - 2020

Main Researcher

Project Title

Total Grants (RM)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Farrah Aini Dahalan

Comparison of Metaldehyde Adsorption Efficiency and Bio-Interaction using Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) in Pesticide Treatment For Water Security


Dr. Naimah Ibrahim

Interactions of Small Microplastics and Microstructured Biosorbents for Water Purification


Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Ragunathan A/L Santiagoo

Water Absorption Kinetics Modelling of Recycled Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber Blend in Marine Environment


Dr. Nabilah Aminah Lutpi

Mechanisms of Sulfur Speciation Adsorption on Zeolite for the Enhancement of Thermophilic Fermentative Biohydrogen Production


Dr. Nik Zainab Nik Azizan

Determination of Concrete Gravity Dam Relationship with Age under Repeated Earthquake


Ir. Dr. Mohd Zulham Affandi Bin Mohd Zahid

Correlation Of Size And Shape Of Fire Damaged Concrete Column On Confinement Of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete


Dr. Zul Atfi Bin Ismail

A New Framework for Developing Effective Maintenance Management through Building Information Modelling Technology in Precast Concrete Building Maintenance Projects


Ir. Muhammad Munsif Ahmad

Consolidation settlement behaviour of marine clay soil treated with fly ash based geopolymer under different in-situ moisture content and temperature


Ts. Dr. Norazian Mohamed Noor

Evaluation of extreme particulate matter (PM10) and meteorological parameters in the Peninsular Malaysia and its relation with climate extremes via extreme quantile analysis



RM 840,090

Fundamental Research Grants (FRGS) - 2019

Main Researcher

Project Title

Total Grants (RM)

Ms. Masitah Hasan

Investigation of Adsorption Mechanism of Elephant Apple (Dillenia Indica) Fruit As An Adsorbent for the Removal of Emerging Pharmaceutical Contaminants


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ong Soon An

Mass Transfer and Oxygen Reduction Rate Enhancement in Up-flow Constructed Wetland-Microbial Fuel Cell for Simultaneous Power Generation and Phytoremediation of Pollutants


Dr. Khairuddin Md Isa

Elucidation of enhancement hydrogen content in hydrogenated bio-diesel by in situ transesterification using methanol:POME


Dr. Zulkarnain Hassan

A new approach of coupled hydrologic-hydrodynamic and climate change modelling in simulating flood hazard risk



RM 381,100

Fundamental Research Grant (FRGS-RACER) - 2019

Main Researcher

Project Title

Total Grants (RM)

Dr. Shamilah Anudai@Anuar

Formulation of Dynamic Strength Analysis for Double Unit Tunnel Form Building Subjected to Out-of-Plane Lateral Cyclic Loading


Dr. Nor Ashikin Binti Ahmad

Kinetics and thermodynamics of rhizosphere soil phosphatase enzymes in the mineralization of phosphorus following biochar addition in phosphorus-limiting soil.


Dr. Roslaili Binti Abdul Aziz

Elucidating the response of novel Si-rich clinoptilolite-based organic compost to enhance paddy yield and physical growth and improve multi-stress tolerance of paddy soil



RM 110,500